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Do you DREAD that time of month because of painful, heavy periods & unbearable mood swings and low energy?

Is it IMPOSSIBLE for you to lose weight and keep it off despite your best efforts?

Do you SUFFER from terrible PMS that includes insomnia, bloating anxiety, headaches, acne, and sore breasts?


Perimenopause Survival Guide

It can be challenging to lose weight and feel your best when your hormones are unbalanced. 

You've probably tried every diet and fat loss program out there, but you still can't seem to lose weight.

It's not your fault. Perimenopause can be a tough transition if you don't know what to do. 

What you really need is clarity around the foods, nutrition, and support your body needs to shed hormonal weight and alleviate symptoms so you *actually* get results and feel your best.

This is 1000% the motivation for why I created this 114-page perimenopause guide. It can help you restore and support hormonal balance with simple dietary changes and lifestyle strategies – the exact ones you’ll find inside this resource.

What you'll get:

Explanation of perimenopause
Symptoms of perimenopause
Conventional treatment for perimenopause
Importance of adrenal health during perimenopause
Signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue
Nutrients for the adrenal glands
Favorite adrenal support products
All about estrogen dominance
Benefits of natural progesterone
How to improve your sex drive naturally
Superfoods for perimenopause
Testosterone-boosting foods
Supplements that may be helpful during perimenopause
Are hormones the cause of your weight issues?
7 hormones that can affect your weight
What causes hormone imbalance
7 hormone tests to request from your doctor
5 ways your diet can disrupt hormones
9 foods to watch out for
What to eat for hormonal balance
Lifestyle strategies to reset your hormones
Supplements for hormone support
50+ hormone-balancing recipes
What to eat food list
Perimenopause superfood cheat sheet
Food diary