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Thyroid Health Diet Plan - $9

Enhance your weight loss results by supporting your thyroid and metabolism!

The Thyroid Health Diet Plan is an ultra-nourishing meal plan carefully designed to support a sluggish thyroid. 

This 7-day meal plan was created to show a sluggish thyroid some love. It includes foods that are known to support the thyroid while minimizing those that may harm this finicky gland. Jumpstart your weight loss journey with a holistic approach! 

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SweatShred Macros: The Ultimate Lean Nutrition Guide & Workout Plan

Are you ready to transform your body, boost your fitness, and unlock the secret to a lean, sculpted physique? Look no further than SweatShred Macros – your all-in-one solution for achieving the body of your dreams!

A Value-Packed Bundle For Your Nutrition & Fitness Goals!


Lean Macro Bundle

A 150-page macro bundle will educate, support, and help you lose weight while never cutting out the foods you love. This bundle is perfect for anyone who’s new to macros or who has tracked macros in the past and needs some motivation to start again.



SWEATMADESIMPLE is an intermediate-to-advanced dumbbell program, composed of workouts that are 20 minutes or less, designed to increase strength, definition, and lean lines. I designed this program for busy women, who want to look like they actually work out, but don’t have a ton of time to exercise!


CNC Community

Get unlimited support and accountability from the CNC Lifestyle community! In this online community, you'll get expert advice on your nutrition, macros, and workouts from the CNC coaches as well as motivation from the other likeminded women in the community.


  • 8-week SweatMadeSimple fitness program. Workouts are short and effective (~20 minutes) full-body workouts  
  • Convenient print-and-go PDFs and accessible via mobile or desktop 
  • Video demonstrations and modifications for all exercises and levels 
  • 5-minute warm-up workouts 
  • Connection, accountability and camaraderie via our exclusive private community 
  • Access to our 150-page Lean Macro Guide to help you navigate your nutrition
  • How to calculate macros for weight loss guide
  • 21-day sample meal plan
  • How to track alcohol macros guide
  • Macro-friendly cocktail recipes
  • 20 high-protein snacks bonus recipes
  • 20 no sugar-added dessert bonus recipes
  • Macro cheat sheets and food lists
  • How to take progress photos guide
  • Personal measurement tracker
  • MyFitnessPal quick start guide
  • Hit your protein goal planner
  • How to track macros when dining out guide
  • Minimal meal prep check-list
  • Tips and advice for stress-free tracking
  • Daily accountability check-list
  • Macro tracking strategies and real life hacks
  • Build a balanced plate visual guide

Don't let another day pass without taking control of your health. SweatShred Macros combines nutrition, fitness and support for a holistic approach to weight loss.

Invest in yourself, make a change, and experience the transformation you've been dreaming of with the help of a committed team of coaches and community of likeminded women!

Get SweatShred Macros now and take the first step towards a healthier and fitter YOU!