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StrengthMadeSimple 2.0


STRONGMADESIMPLE 2.0 is an intermediate-to-advanced dumbbell program designed to increase strength, definition, and lean lines. This comprehensive 4-days-a-week program is totally do-able for busy women, who want to look like they actually work out, but don’t have time to spend hours exercising.

What you'll get:

  • 3 PHASE STRENGTH PROGRAM: SMS 2.0 is broken into three (3) distinct 4-week phases to maximize your physique results. The BUILD phase focuses on increasing muscle fibers and continuing to get strong. The BULK phase focuses on building maximal strength. The BURN phase focuses on building muscle while burning fat. The combination of these 3 phases is what will get you the results you want!

  • 24 FULL-BODY WORKOUTS: SMS 2.0 combines the most effective exercise modalities to generate maximum results in 45 minutes or less. It contains 12 weeks worth of full-body workouts, split into 3 phases, for a complete training program that will get you results.

  • 12-WEEK PROGRAMMING CALENDAR: Includes is a super easy-to-follow 12-week programming calendar with each of the 4 days of training outlined to help you stay consistent. Print it out and hang it where you'll see it everyday to keep you motivated and on track with your workouts!

  • MINIMAL EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: The workouts require just two sets of dumbbells (1 light, 1 heavy) and some space to move. No gym membership or fancy machines are required. This workout program is perfect for those who exercise at home!

  • VIDEO DEMOS + POINTS OF PERFORMANCE: SMS 2.0 contains 85+ weight training exercises, each with a video demonstration as well as points of performance for ensuring proper form and best results.

  • 10 BONUS WARM-UPS: A proper warm-up is essential for getting your body ready to lift heavy. Included in the program is 10 warm-ups that combine joint mobility and activation drills to increase range of motion and ‘turning on’ muscle groups so they are ready to work!

  • ONLY WORKOUT PLAN YOU NEED: A challenging program designed so you don’t have to do ANY other workouts. Each week's programming includes 4 full-body workouts for a truly comprehensive program.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS TO PROGRAM: Upon purchase, you will receive lifetime access to the workouts, training calendar, exercise demo videos, warm-ups, and other related program information. You'll have access forever to these materials if you wish to repeat the program at any point in time.

  • READY TO GO WHEN YOU ARE: This program is self-paced, so you can start or stop the program at anytime. Workouts are delivered via PDFs for easy print-and-go access, so you can either bring to the gym with you, or bring up on your phone, as the membership is mobile-friendly.