Are you unknowingly gaining weight because of hormones?

Then let’s figure out how to stop it!

I’m Tina Haupert, FDN-P, and in this free ebook, I reveal the 6 secret signs of hormonal weight gain—and how to get control over your body!

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If you're stressed, fatigued, moody, gaining weight, and losing libido, you might be experiencing hormonal weight gain.

Inside of this ebook, you will learn...

  • The six secret signs of hormonal weight gain

  • How hormones can affect your weight

  • How to get your body back to its natural state

  • The nine foods that fight hormonal weight gain

  • How to jump-start your efforts with a 3-day hormone diet plan

  • And other tips to stop hormonal weight gain!

You don't need to spin your wheels with restrictive diets!

Learn how to work WITH your hormones to get your best results of your life.