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What is Perimenopause Masterclass?

The Perimenopause On-Demand Masterclass is a 30-minute deep dive into fully understanding what perimenopause is all about. Identify if what you are experiencing is, in fact, perimenopause and what you can do about it, so you can feel healthy, happy, and confident every single day!

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It can be complicated and challenging to lose weight when your hormones are unbalanced.

You know that hormones play a HUGE role in weight gain, but you don't know how to balance them.

You might feel tired all the time, or like you can't seem to shake that last 5-10 pounds.

You've probably tried every diet and weight loss program out there, but you still can't seem to lose weight.

It's not your fault.

Dieting is too hard, and it's nearly impossible to maintain a healthy weight when your hormones are out of balance.


If you've tried one or more of these strategies…

  • Severely eliminating the food you eat, starving your body of the nutrition it needs

  • Working out to exhaustion in a dire attempt to work off those stubborn hormonal pounds

  • Jumping from one diet to the next and not even losing an inch or two

  • Eating “fat-free” or boxed pre-made “diet” meals that are pumped full of chemicals and fillers

  • Adding random supplements and powders, hoping they would be the 'thing' that would help you see results

  • Fixated on the numbers on the scale versus what your body REALLY needs to drop the hormonal weight


... you probably already know what you've been trying
isn't working.


When your hormones are out of balance, dieting is really hard and it's nearly impossible to lose or maintain your weight. What you did in your 20s to drop weight no longer works!  

Get the On-Demand Masterclass Now - $19


During perimenopause,

a woman’s reproductive hormones start to fluctuate.

Estrogen levels may increase or decrease, resulting in a variety of symptoms in different women. Our bodies become less resilient to stress, which affects our blood sugar balance, insulin sensitivity, and ability to lose weight.

Perimenopause is a wild ride and, on average, lasts 4-8 years, which means it’s a longgggg time to suffer through undesirable symptoms.

Let me help you with that! 

In this masterclass, you will learn: 

  • What is perimenopause?
  • Facts about perimenopause
  • 3 stages of peri/menopause
  • Common symptoms of perimenopause
  • Common symptoms of hormonal weight gain 
  • Fat loss hierarchy in perimenopause

“I'm so glad that I met Tina. After years of diets, trainers and doctors who could not figure out what was wrong, Tina finally nailed it.”

— Therese

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Hi, I’m Tina! I'm an FDN-P and Certified Nutrition Coach. I am also the Founder of Carrots 'N' Cake, Author of The Everything Macro Cookbook, podcast host, and Creator of the Physique Foundations Program.

Finally understand, What Perimenopause is! 

Get the On-Demand Masterclass Now - $19